Video Production Portfolio

Below see samples of Pawpro Media’s video production work for an array of business clients from Washington, DC to Boston.  It’s content that builds brand, and enriches marketing content.  Video content is a must-have in a modern day marketing plan.


Testimonials are the mainstay of outward facing business online media content. Showcase a brand via its customers, employees, or an actual product’s story..

Engaging Visuals

This is a compilation of time lapse shots I’ve taken around the DC Region.  Time lapse video can create visual interest and grab a viewers attention even in settings that might not appear to have visual appeal.  In this way it is a great tool to use on landing pages and within video packages.

This is a great example of a business use of video in an industry well-suited to take advantage of content media and inbound marketing by utilizing rendering materials in a more interactive way.  This video was for a Boston-based commercial real estate firm–Griffith Properties, LLC

First in a series of online video content PSAs to raise awareness and educate the public about stroke symptoms and warning signs.  Produced in cooperation with Physicians Regional Comprehensive Stroke Center in Naples, Florida

These are short videos designed to greet landing page visitors.  Including video on landing pages is a proven method of increasing viewers’ interaction with a site, among other #branding benefits.

This first video is finish line coverage of a 36 hour, 200 mile relay race to Washington, DC.  Events tend to lend themselves to video coverage.  It’s a great way to reward patronage and establish a personal connection with existing and potential customers.  Footage is also invaluable for future marketing efforts.  I constantly hear clients talking regretfully about not getting  video coverage of a kickoff ceremony or event.

While embedded with the support crew following cyclist and non-profit founder, Len Forkas, competing in the Race Across America (2012)–a 12 day bike race from Oceanside, California to Annapolis, MD, I produced this series of short videos highlighting different aspects of the day-to-day events.  This a 24/7 event and the video coverage augmented a multi-pronged, social media, blitz that raised over $300,000 for the associated charity.

Nonprofit fundraising is greatly enhanced when accompanied by powerful video content.  The human eye is drawn to motion, and a strong visual presentation on a Home Page or within an e-mail blast can make the difference between polite indifference and the motivation to act.

Athletic Recruitment Video

Coaches and high school athletes frequently contact Pawpro for help covering athletic events either as a coaching tool for teams, or for use in recruiting reels.  A highlight reel is the most convenient way to get a prospective athlete in front of college coaches–especially for those who need a little help getting their foot in the door.  Pawpro can shoot HD quality footage and/or edit together footage shot by others. #highschoolrecruitingvideos

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