Anything Is Possible 5K video released

Each video and production develops a life of its own. The latest release from Pawpro Media is no exception. This is the fourth video we’ve completed for Bob Fleshner and his superb race organizing partners. The Anything Is Possible 5K is held on the first Sunday of November on the night the clocks turn back, so runners can potentially run a negative time. For many athletes, that’s incentive enough. Others just like the idea of running in the middle of the night. The race was held in Seattle, Bethesda, MD/Washington, DC, Atlanta, Reno, Tampa, Denver, Virginia Beach, and Murfreesboro, TN. Proceeds benefit military charities Team Red, White, and Blue and Hope For The Warriors.

Because this race is held in multiple cities, Pawpro needed the help of cameras in Seattle and Atlanta–Stacey Jenkins and Jim Baxter. It was our first time working together, and a pleasure on all fronts. I hope there will be another opportunity to call on their talents again.

Here are a few comical outtakes from our production. It was a cold January night when we were videotaping. Fingers, toes, mouths and brains became a little frozen.

Would love to hear from you.

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