My Imperial Eclipse Experience


I traveled to Imperial, Missouri to witness the eclipse, and stayed at a friend’s family farm along the Mississippi River.  It’s a quiet little place–except for the passing trains.

I spent the first several days scouting a site to photograph and witness my first solar eclipse totality, and settled on a spot along the river.  In the end I captured a few shots,  and I look forward to the next eclipse opportunity.  (I may have caught the eclipse chasing bug.)  Next time I hope to get some shots of totality through a telescope.


Hope you enjoy these shots of the place and the event.  In the landscape shot with the eclipse I have enlarged the sun, somewhat, but I think to a respectful level.  ( I knew some would wonder and others would ask.)  Each shot of the stages of the eclipse is an actual photo.  You’ll see a little cloud cover in one.  We really lucked out in terms of the weather. 

Many thanks to my host.  This was a spectacular place to witness the eclipse.  I have many more shots of the farm, which I’ll share in a later post.  Right now, copies of the stages of the eclipse photo are available as an unframed or framed print.  Click here to purchase a print.

Total Eclipse in Stages

The stages of the eclipse.
An accidental shot of the eclipse from my GoPro which makes it look much smaller. However, you can see the depth of the darkness we experienced during totality.
Sunnyside Farm, Imperial, MO
A beautiful spot along the Mississippi.

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2 thoughts on “My Imperial Eclipse Experience

  1. Great to meet you, Peter, and Wilton! Awesome pics! Here’s my (much more primitive) effort using a $75 Canon kit lens with an Appalachian-engineered solar filter made from welder’s filter, cardboard, and tape. All shots handheld.

    Start at the top left and go clockwise. Bottom two photos were taken with the improvised solar filter removed.

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