Celebrating and Inspiring Women of and to STEM:

Smithsonian Castle hosts #IfThenSheCan -The Exhibit

I visited the Smithsonian Castle last weekend and the #IfThenSheCan–The Exhibit celebrating prominent women working in STEM. The exhibit includes 120, 3-D printed statues in the Enid A. Haupt Garden adjacent to the original Smithsonian building along the Mall in DC.

Some of the featured women were actually present and standing alongside their orange, plastic statues talking and answering questions from visitors. The exhibit is here for a limited time and coincides with #womenshistorymonth, as well as the garden’s spring bloom; so it’s a beautiful scene on many levels.

Take the virtual tour if you can’t make it in-person.

While you’re there . . .

Alongside, the Hirshhorne Museum is undergoing a renovation and the exterior has been covered by an artful drape since September 2021 called “Draw The Curtain” designed by the Swiss artist Nicolas Party which makes for some interesting photo compositions.

Attached to the front of the Smithsonian Castle’s main entrance is a colorful, organically shaped, sculpture made of a steel framework with colored, plexiglass squares. Depending on the direction and quality of the light its appearance changes all day.

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