Spectacular Summer Sunrise at the Washington Monument


_PAW4984_5_6_7_8_tonemappedHere’s proof that the early bird photographer gets the worm.

These two shots of the Washington Monument were taken only minutes apart, but the results demonstrate the difference between good and spectacular lighting.  I just needed to be there to capture the drama.  Thanks, Mother Nature!

If you’ve ever wondered why photographers are out so early, I can’t give you a better example of how a few minutes can make a huge difference.  The low angle sunlight reflecting off the thin layer of clouds really adds to the depth and impact of the top photo.

Hope you enjoy it.


Washington Monument Gets the Once-Over by Climbers.

I couldn’t resist the opportunity yesterday to get some video footage of climbers/engineers inspecting the exterior of the Washington Monument for damage following the August 23 earthquake that rattled the East Coast.  Reports say that these climbers, simultaneously dangling from all four sides of the monument, will go stone by numbered stone down the face looking for cracks and other flaws caused by the earth’s abrupt movement.

It was interesting to see a U.S. Park Service Ranger taking photos of the climbers from the highest openings on the obelisk.  I was a little jealous of that perspective on the event.  And, it also stopped raining for a few hours, finally.