McLean Mystery Bird Sign Scavenger Hunt

Note: This contest has long expired but you are free to explore on your own!

Buckle up McLean and surrounding DMV residents, I’ve got the perfect rainy day, pandemic boredom activity you can complete from the safety of your car.

For years someone has been mounting animal (birds, mostly) shapes to road signs and trees in Mclean. Years ago I wrote about it. (See past post.) As time has passed I’ve watched as some signs were lost due to weather, road improvements, removal, or perhaps theft—if something left in public and illegally mounted which is then taken can be construed as theft??

Of recent, the number of signs has increased, or maybe I just wasn’t paying attention for a while. Whatever the case there are a lot more of them, and the artisan has added a few designs to the mix, and improved the construction of these little works of art. He or she has switched to using painted, machine metal rather than wood, which was the material of choice in years past. Many of the wooden signs deteriorated and have been lost. In particular, there was an owl that I loved seeing. (Not going to tell you where it was.) I might also add, this person has some climbing ability because some of these mounts are not easily reached. There are also signs related to breast cancer awareness and snowflake shapes that may or may not be from the same person, but I haven’t included them.

Fast forward to now, we’re all stuck at home watching way too much Netflix, Tiger King and various other forms of sociopathy.  I”ve counted 24 signs in the McLean/Great Falls, VA area.  I’ve listed them with photos below. 

So, here is my challenge . . . hop in your car and start driving around McLean, and start chasing the winged and other mounted creatures. The first three people who successfully complete all directions in their entirety will win a landscape canvas from my collection. Here are the rules to participate:

NOTE: There are more butterflies not included on the list. The objective is to find the figures on my list. There are visual clues to make sure you are identifying the right one. I’m certain there may be some that I’ve missed out there. Feel free to point those out, but the objective is find the ones on the list below.

This exercise is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Instagram.


Some birds of a feather like to cluster together and some do not

But all the birds and creatures of metal are located in McLean or Great Falls

Some hit close to home, to whose I cannot say

As a poet once stated many will take a path well travelled but some will take a path less worn

Sometimes they are so obvious they are invisible, which makes the hunt irresistible.

Be safe and be well if you partake in this adventure.  Two make better the hunt, one to drive and one, two, three to spy.

  1. Salamander-

2 Cardinal—

  1. Butterfly—
  1. Cardinal—
  1. Cardinal—
  1. Cardinal–
  1. Blue Bird—
  1. Cardinal—
  1. Butterfly—
  1. Red Headed Woodpecker—
  1. Hummingbird—
  1. Dragon Fly—There’s more than one of these.
  1. Butterfly—
  1. Blue Bird—
  1. Butterfly—
  1. Cardinal–
  1. Butterfly—I’m fairly confident this figure isn’t made by the same person, but I included it because I’ve enjoyed it over the years.
  1. Blackbird–
  1. Blue Bird—
  1. Cardinal—
  1. Hummingbird—
  1. Yellow Bird—
  1. Cardinal—
  1. Yellow Bird—

Be sure to see the latest post where a new bird has been spotted.

Pawpro Hears and Sees the Whos of Horton’s Kids

What’s that sound? It’s not coming from a dust speck, people! It’s coming from the great efforts of Horton’s Kids, a Capitol Hill based organization which provides tutoring and support to students and families of the lowest-performing schools of Ward 8 in Washington, DC. Pawpro Media will be producing a series of videos for this great organization led by Brenda Chamberlain, and founded by Karin Walser. It’s only fitting that we make this announcement on Dr. Seuss’ birthday.

While filling her car with gas in 1989, Karin had a chance encounter with a group of children from this troubled area of our nation’s capital, and it inspired her to recognize their need as well as their presence in the shadow of her everyday life working on Capitol Hill. It was as if they were calling out, We are here! We are here! We are here! just as the tiny Who’s in Who-ville did in the infamous Dr. Suess book, Horton Hears a Who.

For 20 years Horton’s Kids has advocated, transported, and enriched the lives of these neediest of children with educational tutoring, mentoring as well as the basic necessities of food and clothing when necessary. Horton’s Kids’ work is funded entirely by donations. Please visit if you would like to make a donation.

Pawpro working with McEnearney Associates Realtors

Theresa Graham - Return HomePawpro will be working with McEnearney Associates Realtors to produce promotional and inspirational video content for the company’s Website.  The first will feature Executive Vice President, David Hawkins and the Alexandria office.  McEnearney plans to utilize video to keep it’s brokers and clients informed about the Washington Area’s fast-moving market tides.

Pawpro has previously produced video home tours for McEnearney brokers Theresa Graham and Deb Pietras.

Dom Bower Photography Blog

Dom Bower Videos

Pawpro loves the photography tutorials by Dom Bower because they’re easy to understand, cover useful topics, and, at moments, a little tongue-in-chic.  That’s right, chic, not cheek.  He doesn’t take himself too seriously, but he does offer hundreds of instructional videos for the casual user, as well as the serious photography hobbyist/pseudo professional.  He has a couple of YouTube channels and Websites, so you’re sure to find help on most any photography topic you desire.

If you plan on taking photos for your own Website, you can’t beat these tips.  Real estate brokers who take their own photos could really benefit from watching of few of these videos. 

Top Reasons to Add Video to Your Marketing and Web Presence in 2011

Assuming you read Pawpro’s Top Ten Reasons You Need Video on Your Website . . . Seriously post–enough joking around.  The REAL top reasons to add video to your marketing and Website content:

1.  Internet users do watch video–71% of them, to be exact.  It cannot be overstated, on multiple levels video enhances your Web presence to search engines and individuals searching.

2.  Search engines rank sites with video higher than sites without it.  In a first see, first serve world, why would you knowingly place your Website lower in search results?

3.  Substantially cheaper than print marketing.  More and more, consumers seek news, information, and commerce online.

4.  Better bang for the buck.  Video has a far longer shelf-life than print marketing, if produced correctly.

5.  Video transcends the impersonal aspects of the online consumer experience.  A personal touch separates you from the crowd.

6.  Video engages and prompts responses from the viewer at rates 4 to 7 times higher than still imagery.


(1) HGA Creative Communications via Facebook, Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Video Content/Video Production Special Offer

Video your business

Video Production VA, MD, DC

Pawpro Media is offering a 10% discount for first time clients on their first video project.  Mention this offer when you contact us.

Whether it’s a promotional video for your Website, a video home tour, an athletic recruitment/highlight reel, or a fundraising video, Pawpro Media produces high quality, creative video content.

Video Home Tours and Online Media–Don’t Do It Yourself.

I could log-in to YouTube and in a few minutes give you a handful of examples why you shouldn’t produce your own videos, but I refuse to publicize bad work.  Like anything else, producing video that looks and sounds professional AND gets the desired point across isn’t as easy as it looks.  There is a right and wrong way to do it.  And, don’t be confused between a slide show with a bunch of stills edited together with music, and a true video.  When used properly video can provide the viewer with a much better perspective of a home, a business, a brand, a service.

See a Pawpro Video

Could you do it yourself?  My answer is take a short look around at the videos that are self-produced and compare them with a Pawpro video.  You’ll find bad audio, bad camera moves, repetitious shots, and slap shot editing.  The difference should be obvious.  Pawpro’s work sounds better and looks better, and the viewer isn’t distracted by the poor production quality.  Plus, you’ll notice the extra custom touches such as logos, character generation, and clear voiceovers that not only look sharp, but leave no doubt about the brand or product being sold.  Few companies, would consider starting their own newspaper or magazine so that they could get cheaper advertisement space, so why try to produce your own television commercials?

Not to mention, in attempting to produce your own video, you’re most likely taking away valuable time from some other aspect of your business.  This is especially true for real estate brokers considering whether to produce their own video home tours.  The hours spent shooting a video and editing would best be spent looking for your next client, or serving the clients already under contract.

Video and Online Marketing for Real Estate

Real estate brokers and brokerage firms are steadily starting to switch from the traditional forms of marketing such as print and newspaper to the Internet, blogs and multimedia.  Why?  For good reason, some 27.7 billion online searches are launched each month in the U.S. alone, according to the book, “Marketing in the Age of Google™.” Those numbers are expected to rise with each passing month and year as more and more consumers rely on the Internet to find products and services, and less and less on print options such as newspapers, phone books, and mailers which end up in trash cans or recycling bins never to be seen.

A smartly produced video showcasing a home for sale not only serves your client now, but becomes a long-lasting marketing and branding tool for the broker, which can be linked endlessly, and viewed by past, present, and future clients as an example of the quality of work you do.

As for branding, what better way for your clients to get a sense of who you are than creating a one minute stylized and personalized video profile of yourself.  Again, it’s a onetime expense that can be viewed endlessly by potential clients in the convenience of their home.  It doesn’t cost you anything to send a link.  Can you say that about a mailer?

Brokers are also realizing that there is much greater value and longevity to dollars spent on electronic marketing than for the conventional print options.  Although it’s uncharted and intimidating territory for many, it is the way the real estate industry is surely moving as far as marketing is concerned.

Consider letting Pawpro produce a video profile or a reuseable tag for a home tour for you.

See a Pawpro profile/tag.